LoveJars co-founder Rosie

All about LoveJars

LoveJars was founded in 2014 by Wife & Husband team, Rosie & Trevor.

When Rosie first went to school, aged 5, she was already an experienced jam maker. Having founded and run an artisanal jam and preserve making business earlier this Century it was apparent that sourcing a range of jars in various sizes and designs was a problem for small producers. High street shops had a limited range at high retail prices, and wholesalers were only interested in large volumes. Rosie had spotted a gap in the market. Having married a seasoned Web Developer the idea of selling jars online was a match made in heaven.

LoveJars co-founder Rosie


Co-Founder of LoveJars

Preserving is something I have loved doing ever since I can remember - I have memories as a very small person helping my Mother to make jars of jam ready for the Winter. I made my first chutney alone and unaided when I was about 11 years old and preserving became a lifelong passion.

Fast forward to 10 year ago and LoveJars was founded out of a successful artisanal jam and preserves making business. Having been an avid home-preserver and having run my own food business I was well placed to empathise with who we hoped would be our customers.

Over the years we have extended our product offering beyond the humble 1lb jam jar yet pride ourselves on selling what we've used and can recommend. We do not operate a stack-it-high and sell-it-cheap ethos. This helps to give our customers confidence in the products we bring to market.

LoveJars co-founder Trevor


Co-Founder of LoveJars

I have my first computer in 1981 thanks to a generous Auntie. Plugged into a 14 inch Black & White television, it was at the cutting edge of technology.

After a 20 year corporate career in purchasing I took the leap of turning my computer hobby into a web and design agency during the formative years of the new-fangled Internet; some said it was a passing fad yet over the past 25 years I've built many websites for clients and our own use.

Soon after our paths met, Rosie had her sights on marrying her web designer. It was a jammy move and a marriage that brought LoveJars into fruition.

LoveJars growth

LoveJars continues to develop and innovate to support home and artisan production of jams and preserves from selling small quantities of a wide range of jars to retail customers to larger quantities and full pallet loads to larger producers.

Beyond this core business, we introduced Le Parfait jars to facilitate waterbathing and pressure canning. This led to us importing pressure canners and accessories to open up the possibilities of pressure canning to the UK market.

In 2019 our flagship publication Simply Preserved was launched for a readership interested in all things preserving. Originally in print copy, it was brought online to be read for free with page-turning software.

2020 saw the opening of Rosie's Preserving School; a series of seasonal workshops presented live online with the opportunity of cooking along with Rosie. It gained interest from many corners of the world and continues to build a library of online preserving workshops