SwapCrop - got spare crops to share?

Spare to Share?

What is SwapCrop?

If you got a glut of produce that you can't cope with we like to think of it as spare-to-share and we are building an interactive map to connect local Croppers to Swappers. Our idea is that your crop is made into something - a jam, chutney, cordial, sauce, or .... - and a few jars are swapped in return for the crop. No money changes hands, no personal details are made public on the website, no interference by Lovejars.

Less food waste and a stronger community.

How does it work?

To list a crop you have to share, Login to your account (Register here for a new account) and visit the List your Crop page to submit what you, the Cropper, have to spare and see if a local Swapper would like to use what you have.

Your postcode will be used to identify your approximate location on the map with a marker without disclosing your address.

If a Swapper wants to take up your offer they can send you a message that will be emailed to you via our system. They will not receive your contact details until such time you choose to reply to their message via direct email. After the initial message is sent to you we have no involvement in the communication between Cropper and Swapper.